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Verge: Spotify updates privacy policy with clearer language after backlash

Posted by Soledad Vega on Tue, 09/08/2015 - 11:23

Did Spotify's new privacy policy leave you worried? They heard you - and are clarifying the language.

Article by Jacob Kastrenake​ for The Verge 

Spotify is overhauling its privacy policy today with plainer language that should be readable to the average human — not just lawyers. The streaming service found itself amid a furor last month after its users complained about what they saw as Spotify overstepping its bounds and requesting more information on them than necessary. For the most part, Spotify wasn't really asking for that much, but it made the mistake of writing its privacy policy in legalese, leading to a lot of confusion; many other major services, like Instagram, have already learned that having incomprehensible service policies can lead exactly this kind of problem.

That's exactly what Spotify is rolling out today. Its new privacy policy is supposed to be a plain-language rewrite of the one introduced last month. It even includes a long introduction that's basically just Spotify outlining what it will and won't do with your data, as well as what types of data it collections and under what circumstances it'll share information.

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